Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Polyvore avoids polybore-ah see what i did there?

Oh my goodness Polyvore is my new obsession! It keeps me entertained at work on a quiet rainy eveing, perhaps to the detriment of actually doing my job me thinks. I realise I am quite late at realising it exists, but thanks to fashionista.com I am in the loop. You can trawl through hundreds of pages of shoes, dresses, bags and adorable geeky glasses and then make sets. However I'm finding it a little dissapointing that after acquiring all these lovely items, they are not actually in my wardrobe. I can but dream...

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polybore said...

No need to avoid polybore. He is quite a nice chap really. I only discovered polyvore after I chose "polybore" for the name of my blog.

The idea behind the name is that I am good at being boring about many subjects. I was embarrassed after I discovered polyvore because it looks like I am trying to get people who have hit the "b" by accident to visit my blog. lol