Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Polyvore avoids polybore-ah see what i did there?

Oh my goodness Polyvore is my new obsession! It keeps me entertained at work on a quiet rainy eveing, perhaps to the detriment of actually doing my job me thinks. I realise I am quite late at realising it exists, but thanks to fashionista.com I am in the loop. You can trawl through hundreds of pages of shoes, dresses, bags and adorable geeky glasses and then make sets. However I'm finding it a little dissapointing that after acquiring all these lovely items, they are not actually in my wardrobe. I can but dream...

Laura Marling- a cruel twist of fate

I forgot to say in my previous post that Laura Marling won't be playing at Pukkelpop. The reason this is, as i mentioned 'a cruel twist of fate', and worth mentioning at all, is that i love her! Also the fact that we had all intentions of going to Lowlands (where she is playing) but tickets have sold out. The alternative is Pukkelpop which is a week earlier. Which is exactly when Laura is coming to a town near me, and i won't be there, gutted :( Irony my dear Alanis, irony

Here is one of her lovely songs to cheer you... http://youtube.com/watch?v=XonJJbV54BE


Think I'm heading to Pukkelpop in Belgium for my first music festival of the summer so far, I've been struggling to say Pukkelpop without laughing...maybe thats just me?! The line up seems pretty good Hot Chip, Miss Kittin, Jamie Lidell and Pendulum to name a couple. A bit nervous about a fest abroad cause i'm used to the Scottish ones. I'm guessing packing will be alot easier: shorts, flip flops, t shirts, more shorts...yay!