Saturday, October 11, 2008

Holiday fun

I have taken ages to get my photos up from my hollybags but here a few. Pukkelpop ended up being amazing! The weather was hot hot hot and we saw loads of bands and dj's. It was the first holiday with my mr and we had a great time, we headed to Amsterdam first which was good but wet, we did loads of sightseeing and cafe exploring. It was quite a romantic city,I defy anyone not to feel fuzzy inside when you take an evening stroll along the canals. We met a great bunch of irish people at the festival and partied the weekend away :) However due to my complete scatiness we nearly missed the flight over there in the first place, i told him i shouldn't be in charge!

J'aime Betty

I just came accross a french fashion blog called She truly has style, and the most enviable collection of boots, I especially loved her blue Office ones (last pic)she calls he 'London boots', self explanatory i think. But that bright colour just jumps out. I'm also loving the red military jacket from Topshop,and pairing it with a pastel coloured dress tones it down and makes it slightly less serious and soft. To betty, i salute you!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Vegas baby!

I am so excited, it's my birthday soon (well a month away) and we are all going to Vegas, not real desert Vegas, but a night in Glasgow where they transform clubs or in the case of my birthday, a boat into vegas for the night. Frankie Sumatra will serenade and the showgirls will entertain. I can't wait to gamble with the Elvis printed notes they hand out. Now it's all about planning the outfit, i'll post photos. I hope I look as glamorous as the ladies above!